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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

We're Going to Get Them!!!!

That's right! We got our final ruling!!! And we've already gotten our AIT appointment.

So, next Thursday morning, WE'RE HEADED TO TAIWAN!!!!

Nash and Will are officially ours!!! We're so excited! We've booked our flights, and we're trying to get everything possible done before we leave.

We are completely blessed and overwhelmed by God's amazing grace.

We're scheduled to meet our sons on Sept. 11 which is Sept. 10 in America. Sept. 10 is the day that we got Reed! Can you believe His providence?

I'd love to make some more pics of the boys, but we're not supposed to until we are in Taiwan. Hopefully, you will enjoy these teasers!

Please be praying for us as were feverishly work on the final details. Thankfully, the flights have been made so that's a major hurdle!
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