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Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: We're in Tapei

We made it to Taiwan and Reed loved it. The airline that we flew EVA is phenomenal. I cannot say enough good about them. For instance, the flight attendant who had our side of the plane realized that I was always asking for Diet Coke, so one time, she just randomly brought me a Diet Coke. I like thoughtful service.

Reed was so excited to get his own special meal tray. It was chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and fruit.

Reed slept for most of the flight which is only a slight issue since now, it is time to sleep here in Taipei and he isn't sleepy.

After he woke up, he played video games with Uncle Bill with the in-seat TV.

Our hotel rooms are very spacious and clean. We have all of the modern amenities and well equipped bathrooms including a huge jacuzzi tub.

The lady from housekeeping did not understand that I didn't want the crib put up tonight and she was concerned that Reed would have no place to sleep so she made up the couch.

Reed enjoyed a banana while sitting on my stomach.

The only time I was a bit nervous was with the Taxi ride. We had to take 2 taxis. Reed, Lola, and I rode in one. Abbey and Bill in the other one. Abbey and Bill reported that they were never nervous. Reed is excited that he is going to stay in Lola's Taiwan House.

Abbey and I leave first thing in the morning to fly to Taitung.

The Plane and Hotel Rooms from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

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