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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Takin' It Easy

Today, we decided to just chillax around the hotel. It was a great decision, except for the fact that apparently with 3 boys you need more than the space of two hotel rooms. You need more like a football field.

Reed and Nash have lots of energy!

I did have to go to the paperwork translator's office to pick up the final piece of our paperwork puzzle before the the immigration appointment in the morning.

Uncle Bill went with me and since I was sensing that Reed might need a break from his brothers and the fact that he ABSOLUTELY loves riding in the taxi, we asked him to go with us.

So, we went to the translator's office, which doesn't seem to be in the best part of Taipei, and also went to the grocery to pick up some snacks. Because I knew that the grocery in Taipei 101 had a lot of our American things, we decided to go there. And, Reed loves Taipei 101.

We found some good snacks, but they were expensive. Much more than I would normally pay for groceries, but it was kind of like shopping at Harris Teeter without Super Doubles, which by the way, I am missing this week at home! Something tells me my couponing time is going to be cut in half.

We picked up lunch while we were out and then came home. We ate lunch and it was time for nap. Soon, Fion, our guide in Taipei arrived and she helped me with a few last minute paperwork things before immigration. We realized that the form that I picked up today had Abbey's last name wrong so they had one couriered over to us.

Tomorrow is our AIT appointment which is immigration for those of you not in the Taiwan adoption arena and don't know what AIT is. We're hoping to also have our Visas issued tomorrow.

There is a typhoon brewing in the ocean and it seems to be headed for Taiwan. If the Visas are issued tomorrow, then we can leave on Saturday instead of Tuesday.

So, please pray for our Visas to come tomorrow. If they do, we could be back home by Sunday which would give me time to recupe before heading back to work. It would really be a good thing.

After we were done with paperwork it was time for Fion to take Bill to the airport. It was sad for him to leave. Our ratio is now down to 3:3, but I realize eventually it will be 2:3.

Reed loves his Uncle Bill so I knew that him leaving was going to be hard on him. I think that it will be an adjustment for everyone. Uncle Bill is good to know exactly where he needs to jump in and help!

Nash gave Uncle Bill the sweetest kiss. Too bad I missed it on the camera.

We're so thankful to have an Uncle Bill to love our kids. He's certainly a part of our family. He was very kind and sacrificial to take this time to come and watch and help our family grow.

After we got back to the room, we wrestled with Lola for a while and then Abbey had a great idea. I'll tell you about that in a few hours. I'm sleepy and we have a big day tomorrow.

Please, please pray that we get our Visas and that we can get Tickets home early. I called today and checked and we can. The cost to change them is very reasonable ($35.00 each).
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