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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: McD's PlayLand

After the day of being cooped up in the hotel room, we needed something to expend some energy for the boys, so Abbey had a great idea to find a McDonald's Playland and let the boys run around.

Our hotel staff has been so great. I tell them what we are looking for and they find it for us. So, they called a cab and off we went to a playland which happened to be right around the corner and up the street from our hotel.

Notice how sweaty Reed is in this picture. His body has certainly gotten used to Tennessee weather.

Will decided that he was hungry while we were there.

Reed, who is timid in a new situation, is enjoying having a little brother to be the guinea pig that will test the waters for him.

Nash loves playing so being big brother's tester was not a hard task for him.

It turned out there was a little boy named Brandon there. Brandon was Taiwanese-descent, but from D.C. so he spoke English. Reed and Nash liked having a playmate.

The playland really wore Nash out. He got so sleepy while we were there.

I think Lola was glad to be out too.

Okay. Gotta run. It's time for AIT. Be praying today!
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