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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Sunday Afternoon Update

Sorry I didn't post last night. I had planned to get Nash asleep and get the post together. Planned is definitely the operative word there because I fell asleep right beside him. Abbey was not feeling well. She's been fairly nauseated this entire trip, so I was trying to help her as much as possible with both boys.

Nash did enjoy giving Mommy's feet a nice rub. Aunt Ava got him the backpack that he has on. He has started wearing the backpack around the room. The sweet little boy has obviously had some things taken away from him in his life because he put his 4 balls, 3 cars, our HOTEL telephone, and TV remote in his backpack yesterday.

Last night we went to the nightmarket which was an experience. I did not do a good job at taking pictures.

These little ride on cars are a lot like the little toys that you put a quarter in at the supermarket, EXCEPT they are not bolted down! Kids were flying around the little arena on these things. Nash had a blast. I was scared I was going to accidentally run into a little kid.

Then he wanted to ride the big one. This made me more nervous because he wanted to sit by himself. He's a bit of daredevil.

He asked to play this game which he had no clue what he was doing. It gave these pellet type things which you could turn in for a prize. The more he didn't understand what he was doing the more pellets he won. I finally asked our guide to call the lady over and he got his prize. The prize: a GUN set. We aren't really gun-people, so we weren't really thrilled with the prize, but Nash seemed to like it.

I forgot mention that I didn't take pictures because Abbey wasn't feeling well. She had Will and I was trying to chase a 2.5 year old around a VERY crowded market. My nerves were on edge. I have to remind myself that I'm not in the US. I didn't realize I was so protective.

I gave WIll a bath last night. He really enjoyed it and I had fun watching him splash in the water.

Yes, those are my feet in the water. We have a HUMONGOUS tub and I didn't have the air or energy to blow up the kiddy tub, so I sat on the edge so I could reach Will.

We have a similar picture of Reed.

Nash and Reed look a lot a like I think. I'm almost positive I have a similar picture of Reed.

Some of you know that one of my life's goals is to write a practical parenting book that basically empowers parents to be parents without trying to scare them to death. If you've ever read many of the parenting books, you know that you can get a little antsy trying to do everything they suggest.

Well, one of the things we were told in our education is to not force Nash to take a bath. I'm not a germaphobe, but I like to be clean. Daily. We didn't give Nash a bath the day before because he didn't do much to get dirty, but yesterday he was really active and after going to the night market, we were all sweaty.

I decided to give Nash a bath and decided that it would be okay if I got a few tears. Well, he was a little hesitant at first, but once he got in the tub he had a blast. He didn't want to get out. He had the most fun with this paper cup that I used to wash his hair with (which did bring tears, but I figured Reed cries when I wash his hair, so that's pretty normal right?).

And yes, in case you are wondering, the little paper cup did end up in his backpack. I think it is sweet and sad at the same time. I hope that his heart and head can understand that we are his forever family and he doesn't have to keep everything. We're not going to take things away. They'll be there when he wakes up.

Uncle Bill, Lola, and Reed went with our guide from the last time we were in Taipei, Fion to Taipei 101 yesterday. We were glad that they were able to get out and enjoy some time in the city.

Reed has had a hard time adjusting to the time zone, so they tried keeping him up all day and then he finally crashed at 6:00. I'm anxious to hear that he slept all night.

I know that it is funny, but I think that having my two boys here actually make me more homesick to have Reed with us. I know that we could not have left him in the US for two weeks. It would have been too hard. He's so much a part of us and we can't wait to begin letting him bond with his brothers.

Lola is also exhausted as she is the one who got only 2 hours sleep the other night when Reed wouldn't sleep. Please pray for Lola, Reed, and Uncle Bill that God will give them rest and an enjoyable time while they anxiously wait on our return to Taipei.

How great it will be when all three of our smiley boys are together. I know that there will definitely be some adjustments and I've already prepared for Reed to ignore me when I get home (that's his way of showing me that he's not pleased), but I will be glad to have them under the same roof.

Today, we are meeting Nash and Will's birthmom. It will be an emotional time for us and Nash. Please please pray. If you don't do anything else, please pray for Nash. We don't want him to hurt any more. We're also going to visit Nash's preschool and then we're going to tour Hannah's Hope home and see some of the babies who are waiting for their parents to come. Then, we're going to the travel agency to buy our tickets back to Taipei, the household registry (which I'm not sure what this is), and then finally to meet Wuli the social worker that took care of Nash in her home for a while.

The best part is we get to give out all of the gifts that we brought! That's fun!

Just Hanging Out from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

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