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Monday, September 06, 2010

One Last Hoorah!

Tonight we had Brandon, Tamara, Britton, Paityn, Danny, Megan (with baby Emma still holding out!), Uncle Bill, Candace, and Manya over for hamburgers and hot dogs for one last meal together before we travel to Taiwan to get the boys.

Reed and Britton had a great time playing together although in separate instances, they both busted their lips.

I am not sure if Britton and Reed have ever been away from each other as long as they will be in the next two weeks. I am sure that they will miss each other a lot.

Today was a very laborious Labor Day. Abbey worked a lot getting stuff ready to be packed for the boys. I mowed the yard and did yard work. I'm working on getting all of the paperwork ready. Reed got to hang out with Miss Candace!

Back to work tomorrow and then I've got a meeting all day on Wednesday offsite, so tomorrow will be my one day in the office for the next two weeks.
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