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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Family of 五

The nannies all stood by the door and waved "bye bye" to us. They were happy and sad to see us go. Happy because the boys had found their families, and sad because they love our little boys.

Nash was a little bit nervous about what we were going to do when we arrived at the airport.

He disagreed with the Mandarin Airlines flight attendant that insisted that Nash not sit on his knees so he couldn't look at the window. There were a few tears, but they dried quickly.

Will could not believe that we were about to fly high into the sky.

Uncle Bill was waiting on us in the lobby when our taxi arrived at the hotel. He called Lola and told her to come down with Reed Asap.

Reed was so excited to see us and his brothers. I thought that he would be angry with us and not talk, but he was so nice!

The boys immediately began to have a ball, literally. It was so wonderful to get to see them playing together. I was videotaping and taking pictures, so that's why the pictures are not so great. Oh did I mention that I was also crying my eyes out.

I cannot say enough how much Reed has been loving on Nash. He's been sharing his toys and playing. They've even run in the halls with each other.

I even got the boys to take a nap together. It was a bit of a challenge, but ultimately they laid right next to each other and slept for a couple of hours.

Lola was happy to meet her new grandsons.

Our first photo as a family of 五
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