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Friday, September 24, 2010

Very Busy Day!

Tons of pics tonight, so not a lot of dialogue.

The boys modeled their Paul Frank shirts today.

Abbey took pictures of blow-pops.

Will enjoyed his pacifier.

The boys played outside for a long time today.

Reed is definitely enjoying a built-in playmate.

Nash loves the playset.

Poppy helped Reed practice for his big soccer game tomorrow.

Nash isn't sure if prefers baseball or soccer.

Poppy was the net.

Nash didn't want to give me a kiss when I came home from work.

But he certainly was happy. He is so adorable. I love his dimples.

And his laugh.

Reed practiced really hard. We're keeping our fingers crossed that he'll really play hard tomorrow. Honestly, we're really just keeping our fingers crossed that he'll play. Period.

Enna has been enjoying holding Will a lot.

Will was ultra-smiley today.

We attempted a baby portrait.

That would be attempted.


Then we worked on a family portrait.

Do you know how hard it is to get 5 people all looking at the camera and smiling at the same time?

Nash's smile cracks me up!

Another shot of the blow-pop.

Reed loves a good lollipop.

Will's expressions are so funny.

I have happy news to report about the boys' sleep. Will slept great last night. he woke up around 2:00 for a bottle.

Reed and Nash both slept all night, each in their own beds. It was heavenly.

Reed has a great buddy to play in the dirt with.

Maybe we should get them a dirt pile for Christmas.

I hope that our gutters still work when it rains.

Reed and I were being silly. In order to save face, I decided to crop myself out.

We went to Famous Dave's for supper and on the way home, all three boys (the oldest two went the entire day sans nap) fell asleep. Will woke up, but the other two stayed asleep. Reed woke up about 10 minutes ago and is visiting with Enna now. Will fell asleep on Poppy.

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