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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mama and Reed

Last night, Uncle Bill spent the night after our cookout. Reed fell asleep on his chest. It was sweet.

Today, Reed and Abbey went for their last date as Reed being an only child. Reed was thrilled to get to go to the zoo.

Reed also went to a photoshoot for a photographer who needed him for a Sunday School product, so then he wanted to do some more poses.

Reed was excited to get to see the new Flamingo exhibit. Lots of pink.

Abbey thought that it was a bit anticlimactic. Just pink birds standing in a puddle of water.

Reed loves the zoo. We're excited about gong to the zoo in Taipei.

I think he might be a zoo guide.

He knows where everything is.

After the zoo, they hit up the Cupcake Collection and enjoyed a yummy treat.

We're so excited traveling on Thursday!
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