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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last Night's Sleep Update

I realized that yesterday's post was seriously under"will"ming, so I have only uploaded pictures of him for this post.

And now for the sleep update.

Reed: Reed feel asleep a little after 10:00 PM and then he woke up when Nash started crying around midnight. He did not go back to sleep for several hours. SEVERAL hours and finally went to sleep when he came and laid in the bed with me while I was on Will duty. During the time that he was awake, he visited Pop and Lola, then hung out with Abbey, and then back to Lola in the family room. He was also very inquisitive while he was awake, for instance, asking Abbey why her face was shaped like and oval. Reed is still asleep at 6:40 which makes him the 1 out of our 3 still asleep.

Nash: Nash went to sleep around 8:30 and then woke up at midnight and cried for an hour or so. During this time, Reed also woke up. I finally rocked Nash back to sleep and he slept quite well from that point as did I. Until around 4:30 when at this time Abbey was on Nash duty and he woke up again. I was on Will duty and neither of us were having any luck quieting our charges, so we switched kids. I got Nash to quit crying but at 6:00 we woke up.

Will: Will slept much better last night waking up only for his bottles and when he was tired of me being his nighttime caretaker. When Abbey and I switched, he went back to sleep and continued his mostly uneventful night.

All in all, I would say we are going to win this Time change sleep war! Keep praying for us.
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