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Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Monday Update

One distinguishing factor between Nash and Reed is that Nash wakes up in a generally happy mood. The same cannot be said of Reed. I know that there are many differences and similarities, but that's one that is funny.

We almost decided not to bring this cute bag that Aunt Ava got for Nash. It has his name on it, as well as, BUGS!

Nash loves the bag and he puts everything in it.

Today we went to breakfast in the hotel and then met our guide Michelle. She took us to Nash's kindergarten (preschool). Nash did not want to be there. He would not interact with the kids. I think he might have been afraid we were going to leave him. He wouldn't even let us get a picture with him and his classmates. Thankfully, they gave us some pics of him with them.

Will was in a good mood except when he was hungry, sleepy, or wet. Who wouldn't be in a good mood when he was any of those things. After the visit to the preschool we went to the household registry to get the last bit of paperwork we needed for our adoption. When we adopted Reed, we didn't have to do this, so I'm still not exactly sure what the purpose was.

After that we went to lunch. We went to KFC (that's Kentucky Fried Chicken)—have I mentioned that I am not a daring eater? It was good and Abbey was feeling much better.

After KFC, we headed to the Hannah's Hope home for a tour. I'm going to leave off here with the update because I've got lots of pictures and want to post them, but I've spent my energy today and I don't really have the words right now that will adequately describe how we feel about these amazing people who have loved our boys during this time.

The birthmom visit was really hard in a completely different way from last time, but I am not going to post any more than that. That time is going to be something private.

Right now, we have two very adorable boys in our hotel rooms snoozing (well, to be honest, Will just woke up for his bottle), but they are adorable none the less. Reed is in Taipei eagerly waiting for us to come and see him. We are very much homesick to see him and unite our beautiful family of 5.

We stand in awe of God's gift on our lives. He is so amazing and has done a good thing for us. This is Michelle our guide. She gets to watch God work through bringing babies to their forever families everyday. Pray for her as she works.
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