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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Busy Day!

Yesterday was quite a day, thus the reason why I did not post anything last night. Sorry for all of you who are checking the blog regularly.

Yesterday morning the boys played "jump on daddy" for about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem like really aerobic exercise, so even though my stomach hurts from the jumping, I don't think that I am any closer to a six-pack.

We went to IKEA yesterday and looked around. It was fun. We love IKEA. It was Lola's first time to IKEA and we think that she also liked it a lot.

Thankfully, we remembered the monkey leashes for the boys.

Uncle Bill held one leash and I held the other.

It was a fun time, but I'm not going to lie, our timing could have been better. We hit IKEA around 11:30, which is lunchtime and naptime. You can imagine some of the issues that brought on. Especially, when trying to explain to Nash that he couldn't have the display cart that he was in love with.

Reed enjoyed IKEA, because they sale the train tracks that he likes for his Thomas Trains.

Nash is a very good matcher. He was rearranging all of the kids furniture to put the colors together.

It was really fun to watch.

Both of the boys have periods of lots of fun with each other and periods of jealousy. We expected both. Reed and Nash actually slept holding hands last night, while at the same time they would get mad if they got too close to one another. Go figure. Who knew sibling rivalry could start so quickly and so easily?

Nash LOVED the cart that he is pushing in this picture. In fact, it caused a MAJOR meltdown when we tried explaining to him that he couldn't take it with him. We were certainly going to buy him one (although I did think it was a little overpriced), but he just didn't get it. I even asked for someone to translate to him what we were going to do. You know, even in America, it's hard to reason with a two year old.

It was a hard time and I felt really bad, we did buy him the cart, just a brand new one. We ate at Outback Steakhouse, and had another bit of an issue. Once again, I think that I am to blame for trying to push things a little too much. The boys were exhausted and didn't really have energy to sit still.

After naptime, we went to Da'an Park, where Reed was happy to have a playmate. Reed is generally very timid in crowds, so it was good for him to have someone to play with.

The park was entirely too crowded for my comfort level. I was a nervous wreck. Nash will still tend to walk away easily, so I was trying to keep a constant eye on my English speaking son who would be lost as a goose if he got away and my Chinese speaking son who probably felt more comfortable at the park than any of us.

Ultimately, the boys had a great time at the park and it was so hot that I think that it really zapped them of energy. ;-) That made for a really fun bath time and bedtime!

I think that Reed has missed "play" time while he's been sort of cooped up here in the hotel.

Nash had no inhibitions about going down slides and climbing through the playground maze.

Reed felt more comfortable if I stuck rather close to him. If I could have made two of myself, I would have stuck really close to both of them. Thankfully, Uncle Bill was with me, so he would watch one when I was watching the other.

We're sad that Uncle Bill has to fly home today!

Did I mention that it is HOT here? Not just a little hot. ALOT hot!

Nash is a sweet boy who has had some trying times in his life. It makes me hurt that I can't communicate clearly with him. Right now, my main prayer request from you would be that you would ask God to help us learn to communicate with him. Help him pick up our language and help us know how to explain things to him.

This final shot if from the ginormous sandbox where both of the boys got really sweaty, dirty, and had a blast!
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