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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Awake in San Fran

Let me see, where did we leave off ...

Well, the other day ... I think it was the other day, technically, I think it might have been yesterday morning, but that was in Taiwan and I'm honestly not sure what day it is in Taiwan right now. Here in San Fran it is 3:00 AM on Sunday.

ANYWAY, we were on gmail chat (I love gmail video chat!) with Uncle Bill and he mentioned whether we had asked to see if EVA had economy seats available. I had not thought about that, but Abbey said that had crossed her mind, but she hadn't mentioned it. Anyway, I immediately called and we got tickets for Saturday evening.

I then changed our Southwest tickets (again ... that makes 3 times total) and Bill helped me find a hotel near the airport with shuttle.

Now, we are not wealthy people, but we did spend a little extra (about $100 per ticket) to ride in Evergreen Deluxe on EVA. That's not economy and not business either. Anyway, we decided that we would give up our Deluxe tickets in exchange for getting home. Our seats on the flight home were not as cushy our meal choice was only two and it was served on plastic instead of china.

All of that was okay, because we were going to make it home before the typhoon. The typhoon was really scaring us and the people that we were talking to in Taiwan.

Thankfully, Abbey, Nash, Will, and I got bulkhead seats with lots more room and a bassinet for Will. Poor Lola had some man in her lap the entire time because he let his seat back as soon as we were airborne and only let it up for meals.

We're so thankful that Lola went with us. We could not, I repeat, COULD NOT have made it without her. She was so helpful to do whatever we needed. She also held Will for about 5 of the 11 hours on the flight.

Nash and Reed slept almost the entire flight, which was a huge blessing! I also slept a lot, Abbey and Lola slept some. I sleep VERY easily on a plane, on a couch, on a boat, or on a goat.

We arrived in San Francisco and headed for immigration. The line was CRAZY! It didn't look that long, but apparently the 1 (ONE, UNO, SINGLE) person working the "New Immigrants" line was trying to verify that everyone coming into the US yesterday was 100% supposed to be there. We stood there for what seemed like forever (and it was crazy hot) and finally got through the line. Our part of the process was really quick!

And Voila! Welcome America's newest citizen, Nash Land (Will, too, but he isn't in the picture here!) We finagled our way out to the hotel shuttle waiting area and got onto our shuttle with our TONS of luggage and less than 15 hour stay!

Our hotel is not the Hampton, but it is certainly clean and adequate. The best part is that it is set with several other properties and has a lot of green space.

Green Space = Room for Reed and Nash to run! I took the boys down to play and burn off some energy so they would fall asleep when it was time.

I know that there little bodies really appreciated being able to run around and play.

Another new little American, Will Land!

On the way to the hotel, which is literally within spitting distance of the airport (believe me, every time Reed has heard a plane he's asked to look at it), we saw an In-N-Out Burger. In-N-Out has the best burgers ever! Anyway, Abbey was so excited because she has heard me and Uncle Bill go on and on about In-N-Out forever. After the boys played a while, we walked to In-N-Out.

Lola and Abbey both got theirs animal style. The boys and I had plain with cheese. Can I just mention that it was probably the best burger that I've ever had in my life? I think that there are more factors working into my assessment than just the food.

Abbey also enjoyed her burger.

And get this, even our non-meateater Reed loved it.

Nash ate lettuce, fries, and tomatoes. Apparently we have a veggie eater in our house now! I couldn't be happier. Maybe I will start eating some too!

And now ... It's 3:00 and the boys are awake again. We told them they could watch DVDs for a while. Our flight out starts at 9:30, so we're hoping for naps on the way. If not, someone please bring dramamine to the airport.
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