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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: What Will They Think?

Well, our AIT appointment went really well. They told us that our Visas should be ready by 2:00 this afternoon. We're planning to try to get onto the flight out tomorrow to avoid the Typhoon that is brewing.

Fion, our helper here in Taipei called the agency where we adopted Reed and found out that Reed's birthfamily really wants to see him. We're excited that they want to see him and that they are willing to meet up this afternoon.

So, in a few hours, Reed and I will come face to face with the family that changed our lives forever. The family that made the sacrificial and life-honoring decision to allow Reed to be our son. I hope that they are impressed with the way he has grown. I know that they will ask lots of questions.

I've know that this was a possibility for sometime, but I almost had given up hope of meeting them again. Now that it is going to become reality, I have all of a sudden got lots of anxiety about the meeting. I'm wondering if they will approve of the way that we are raising Reed. I am hoping that they will be impressed by how smart he is. I'm hoping that he will show love to them for their gift of life.

Don't get me wrong, I think that it is amazing that we get to meet his birthfamily again. They were so kind and nice the last time. I know that they appreciate our effort to let them see him. I want them to be proud of him like we are proud of him. I want them to know that they made the best decision possible. That Reed is a kind, generous, caring, forgiving, loving little boy.

We have been so blessed by the gift of adoption and have enjoyed such a wonderful experience with Taiwan.

So, please pray for Reed and I as we travel. Pray for Abbey, Lola, Nash and Will while they stay here. Pray for our meeting that God would be honored and the light of Jesus will be shone to the birthfamily through our son Reed.

Here's a video from last night. Enjoy!

Playing at McDonald's from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

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