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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: This is How it All Happened

First of all, sorry that I have not posted again sooner. I guess I sleep better when I'm snuggled next to an adorable 2.5 year old.

Before we left the Hannah's Hope home, we were starving so we walked down to the family mart for some "lunch". I was thankful that apparently Coke Zero is in abundance here and I bought some chips, and M & Ms. Nash who is apparently no stranger to Family Mart got Oreos and Juice box, although he ended up eating his Mama's Twix.

I love the new mom glow that Abbey gets when she has a baby, don't you?

Anyway, back to how everything went down.

We were there at Hannah's Hope and of course, Will was doing great. His nanny was not doing as great, but we found out that she's been his primary caregiver since Will was 12 days old. Must be and unbelievably hard job. She was precious though as we watched her stand from afar and making sure that was were doing everything just right.

They told us that Will "howls" when he is hungry and we couldn't believe it because he was so calm the entire time we were there. We've learned twice tonight that he certain "howls" LOUDLY. That boy has some lungs, but as soon as his belly is full, he is happy again.

Nash warmed up to me first while playing with a ball that we brought him. After we felt that he was okay with being with us, we decided to have our translator call a cab and we headed back to the hotel. It was a bit emotional to drive away, but Nash didn't shed a tear. He seemed content being with us. We got back to our hotel room and gave Nash two little tykes cars that we had brought for him. He LOVED them. It was amazing, because he had been clinging to this other little car and he hardly gave it another thought.

He wanted me to have one and him to have one and we played cars for a while.

In the hotel room, Will was a very happy baby and he cooed, laughed, and played. We gave Nash a ring pop which he apparently though was dipped in gold, because he absolutely enjoyed the thing to the very last lick. Reed will be happy that he has someone on his side that will beg for ring pops with him.

We videochatted with Uncle Bill, Lola and Reed later. Well, it wasn't really Reed, because he is apparently adjusting to the jet lag so he was zonked out. We both really miss him a lot so we were hoping that he was chat with us, but he couldn't while he was asleep.

I think called my mom and dad to tell them that we had their two new grandsons forever. They were asleep as it was early in the morning, but they were very excited.

After we were done chatting, we got off the computer and played with cars some more. We had the TV on some cartoon which I hope was appropriate so Nash would intermittently let me hold Will.

Will was very happy back in the room so Abbey snapped some pictures of him. We realized that neither of us had eaten a lot yesterday and I was certainly starving (to borrow from Uncle Bill—It takes a lot of calories to maintain this physique.). Nash and I decided to be adventurous and we called a cab and went to McDonald's. Another place I feel like Nash has visited. Maybe because he got the exact same toy in his Happy Meal that he already had. Reed will help him not to get used to getting a Happy Meal though—they're going to be sharers of a real meal.

I noticed that McDonald's still fries their apple pies so I had to buy one for both Abbey and me. Nash didn't want one. It was SO good. I think that I should have just orded 5 of those and had them for supper. I think that I forgot to mention that the chips I bought at Family Mart were not my favorite, just because they look like barbeque doesn't mean their not "pork spare rib" flavor.

We videochatted with Lola, Uncle Bill and Reed again. Reed was a little awake but not feeling the video chat. It hurt my feelings, but I guess I sort of knew he woud be like that. I do miss him terribly.

We have a great hotel here in Taitung that offers a midnight snack and breakfast. Last night, we couldn't stay up for the snack. We were all zonked. Nash was a little uneasy with taking his clothes off. I'm sure that was just being with new people. If not, Reed—the streak, will certainly scare him.

After he realized that I was going to give him some PJs, he let me put his pants and shirt on. He also put his shoes on. He then gathered up all of his things books, cars, and ball and put them in the bed with him. He didn't want me to read to him, but he read to himself and drifted off to sleep.

Will and Abbey slept in the other bed and they were asleep in no time flat.

I thought that my CPAP might scare Nash, so I didn't use it last night.

Which might have been a good thing because I had to help Abbey when Will cried and when I sleep with the CPAP, I am usually completely zonked. Nash didn't move the entire night other than to kick the cover off when I put it on him (another of Reed's characteristics). He did sleep really snuggled next to me which I loved.

This morning we are going to church with Deana and Luke who are the founders of the Hannah's Hope home and birth mother home. We're excited about worshiping with them.

I am sure that the day promises to be exciting. I am hoping to put some video up from our gotcha moments, so watch for it.

By the way, didn't Aunt Ava do a great job having our blog all set for a redesign as soon as LandLife expanded! Thanks Aunt Ava. We love you!
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