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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Flora and Fauna

Before left on Saturday, we were able to walk down to the Flower and Jade Market. We also went to the handicap market. It's a great place to buy original artwork and that's something Abbey and I love!

The boys were sleepy, so Abbey headed back to the hotel room after the handicap market, so I explored the flower and jade market on my own.

I love the flower market, but it makes me mad! I want to take everything home with me. Such great prices. That's an orchid for only $100 NTD (that's like $3.00 USD).

They have everything from small potted plants, to mature trees and everything in between.

Check out this curly bamboo creation!

If I could have, I might have bought one of everything!

This fish tank was full of little plastic fish and it was really interesting. I think it loses some of the effect when you are looking at a still picture.

I have pictures of the jade market, but the pictures are uploading too slowly.
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