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Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: New Travel Plans

Yesterday, Reed and Lola hung out while we went to AIT. They were surprised by how fast we got back from AIT and honestly, so was I. Our interview was really easy and the people over here in Taiwan that run the Hannah's Hope home had done an excellent job at getting all of the paperwork together.

So, by yesterday at 2:30, our VIsas were in hand and we could leave the country if we had plane tickets. That was the issue at hand.

Fion also called the people at the agency where we adopted Reed from and told them that due to the impending typhoon we were going to go ahead and go home. Samantha told Fion that the birth grandmother had taken vacation from her job in China and flown over here to see him. They were available yesterday evening, so Abbey and Reed went to see them.

All along, I've thought that I would go and see the birth family with Reed, so I had gotten myself psyched up about it. However, while Nash and I were napping, Reed and Abbey were talking. Reed told her that he wanted both of us to go. Abbey explained that one of us had to stay behind to take care of the brothers. He said that he wanted Abbey to go, so that changed our plans.

Abbey and Reed had a good time visiting the birth family. Reed's birthmother looks even more beautiful than she did three years ago. Reed was really shy around them, but that is just normal for him. He's never really bubbly around strangers.

While they were off on another part of the island, Lola, Nash, Will, and I were here rebooking flights and playing. The cost to change our EVA tickets was minimal, but the cost to change the Southwest tickets ate my lunch.

Our new flight plan is to leave here tomorrow evening, Sunday, at 7:50. The typhoon will have hit Taiwan already, but it's course is mostly south, so we're hoping that we'll be able to get out of the Taipei without much interruption. Please PLEASE please pray that we are able to get out. Especially after I have made this new investment in our tickets.

Now, I have to find us a hotel room in San Francisco, which can be a big trouble. So, also pray for that.

Nash and I took a walk yesterday while Will was napping. It was fun to stop at the little storefronts and check out their goods. I found several souvenir possibilities for us to go back and check out today. I think that we're going to go to the Flower and Jade Market at some point today as well. It's just a short walk from our hotel.

I really like all of the hustle and bustle of Taipei. The traffic is a nightmare, but it is amazing to see so many people at one time. One thing that I found interesting on this trip is that the men seem much more interested in cooing and oohing and talking to the boys than the women. Last time, I think I would have said the opposite.

We are ready to get our boys home and let Nash experience a consistent life like he has never experienced before. Please pray for the weather. It is unnerving to be in a place that we don't know with weather that we are unsure of.

As it stands, we are leaving here tomorrow evening at 7:50 PM which is 6:50 AM CST. We arrive in SFO at 4:20 PM and spend the night. We leave on Southwest at 9:30 AM and arrive at 5:10 PM in Nashville on Monday night. All are welcomed at the airport.
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