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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesdays are for Chick-fil-A

We were getting a bit of cabin fever yesterday afternoon. Anyone who follows our blog any length of time knows two things: 1. we are generally on the go and 2. WE ALWAYS go to CHICK-FIL-A on Tuesdays.

(They aren't mad at each other in this picture. I think that Nash might get a little car-sickness in the car and he gets pretty quiet.)

Lola and Pop went home yesterday afternoon around 4:00, so it was the first time that we've been just the five of us, ever. It was a little scary to think of attempting it on our own, but we knew that my parents were coming in on Wednesday morning for the remainder of the week.

So, we packed up our little Town and Country and headed to CFA for some good eats and to introduce Nash and Will to the best fast food restaurant ever. Nash was pretty impressed with the chicken. In fact, I think that it was the first time that he had really eaten chicken nuggets for us. We bought them a couple of times at McD's in Taiwan and he was more interested in the sweet and sour sauce.

Will definitely enjoyed the experience. Both of the boys have adjusted to riding in car seats pretty well. I honestly thought it might be a little more of a tough experience.

There were so many kids in the playland that neither of the boys really showed much interest in going in. That was OKAY by me!

I think that having Nash around has helped Reed to become a bit better of an eater. It's funny how much Reed realizes that Nash is watching him and emulating him. At the same time, it is almost humorous that sometimes Reed doesn't seem to realize that Nash is watching his every move.

Our favorite CFA workers had to come over and ooh and ahh at our new family members. They were happy to see us back to CFA and they were happy that we were bringing more mouths!

After CFA, it is normal for us to go over to Target for a few minutes to buy some "essentials". We found a formula for Will that we think might work for his lactose issues and his wicked gas (don't strike a match around that boy!). Shewey!

The manager at CFA brought over some ice cream for us. Reed doesn't really love ice cream, so Nash was happy to oblige.

On the way home, which is like 20 minutes lest you think we actually live in a town a glamorous enough to have a CFA and Target, Will conked out for a little cat-nap.

Reed pretending to not be sleepy. Reed is a world-class sleep avoider. But, once he is asleep, don't try waking him up. We learned that lesson again yesterday during our alarm-timed nap wakeup.

Nash also fell asleep, but woke up when we got home for a little bit and then fell back asleep.

Now, It's 2:41 AM and I should be asleep, but for some reason, I am not sleepy. Our house has been very quiet tonight. All of the boys are sleeping well. I am staying in the big boys' room and Abbey is in Will's room. I hope that she's having as much good sleep as our room.

P.S. LauraD please comment with your email addy. I want to find out about our Durant connections.
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