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Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Hannah's Hope

Brace yourself, this one has lots of pics.

We toured the Hannah's Hope home where the boys lived while they were in Taiwan. Nash lived part of the time since referral with the social worker Wuli, but most of the time he was at Hannah's Hope.

This was Nash's room.

Abbey and Nash stood in front of his bed. The Hannah's Hope home is BEAUTIFULLY decorated and each room has a personal nursery feel.

The rooms are painted with a boy theme or a girl theme, but they move from rooms depending on their ages. Will was currently in a pink room which explains why there was always so much pink in the pictures when we got updates.

This is Will's special Mommy (aka Nanny). The night before we got Will she stayed at the home until after midnight holding him and loving him. I never could grasp the pronunciation of her name, so we called her Mei Mei. We only call SPECIAL people Mei Mei!

The assistant director at the home said that some of the nannies stood by Will's bed, cried, and smelled his blankets after we left. We have NO doubt that those Nannies are doing God's work and they loved our babies.

It was very evident that Nash seemed to be a ladies' man while he was in the home. All the nannies oohed and ahhed over him.

Mei Mei will have a special place in our hearts for the love that she gave Will.

We will print one of these photos and put it in Will's room so he can remember his special mommy.

I think that Mei Mei is beautiful,

Nash did not seem apprehensive at all about being back in the home. I think that he has begun to attach to us pretty well and he knew that we were not going to leave.

I thought these were frogs, but I'm not sure about the wings.

Michelle was our wonderful guide. We enjoyed hearing about her culture and family and we enjoyed telling her about our culture, faith, and family. She was impressed that we lived in the same area as Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

We told Mei Mei that she could hold Will for as long as she wanted, so she could tell him goodbye.

She was so happy when I told her that we wanted her to look on the blog and see pictures of him.

We promised her that we would take really good care of Will.

We were so excited to meet Nash's special mommy too! Everyday when Nash got out of school, she would be the one who took care of him.

I forgot to take her name, which reminds me that I need to get that.

I love the fact that they understand the need for consistent caregivers with young children. Oh how I wish that our churches in America knew that it was important to have the same children's and preschool teachers every Sunday morning. (sorry, a bit of soapbox there.)

We found out that Nash's special mommy fixed him a meal every night at home.

When she didn't have time to fix him a meal, she took him to McDonald's or somewhere and bought him a meal. Out of her own pocket.

She's a kind and generous person. She smiled a lot. Pray for her that God will help her to continue in blessing the babies with her love.

You could tell that Nash loves her.

It was great to be able to ask both of the special mommies that spent the most time with Will and Nash questions about the boys' likes and dislikes.

Fennylenn is the assistant director at the home. She a lot of fun. I told her that we would find her an American man. We went ahead and taught her to say "y'all" and "fixing to" so that she would be able to fit right in.

Nash with his stash.

Nash kept his distance from his birthmom and he played some with Mei Mei.

A lady at household registry gave Nash this ball. Of course, he loved it.

After a busy day of meeting people, touring, and excitement, Nash fell asleep in the taxi. He has been asleep ever since. He has stirred a little bit, which I hope does not mean he is having bad dreams. We love him so much. He is destined to do something great for God. We know that God has a plan for him.

Like Reed, he doesn't want any cover.

Will is very hot natured, so we're thinking he'll spend a lot of time in the diaper.

We leave for Taitung airport in 3 hours and then we arrive in Taipei at 10:40. Pray for an uneventful flight. I hope Nash likes the airplane as much as his big brother. We can't wait to see Reed and let him meet his brothers.
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