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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: I'm a Little Misty

Britton came over to give his best friend Reed a big hug and a sweet little gift of bubble gum and cars before he left. It was so sweet. The boys are truly best friends. Reed is almost always desperate to see Britton.

Now, I am STRESSED out and have been for several days. I think that we have everything ready, but I am on edge. That said, when I saw this hug and genuine "I'll miss you" expressions, I got misty-eyed.

I put the car seats in the van tonight. I can't believe how fast three car seats fill up a minivan!

Having three sons is going to be so much fun.

Abbey has done an amazing job getting us packed. Keeping everything in bags under 50 lbs has been a nightmare, but we think we've done it.

For the flight to Taitung, we're going to have to pay for an extra bag, because 1 each is just not going to cut it.

We leave in the morning.

We go from Nashville to Chicago to San Francisco. 4 hour layover and then head to Taipei. It's about 28 hours from the time we enter the airport to the time we leave the airport in Taipei.

Please be praying for Uncle Bill, Lola, Reed, Abbey and me as we travel.

Also, keep Nash and Will in your prayers as they've got big changed coming!
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