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Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: More Homecoming

Candace and Leah put some balloons on our mailbox so we took a picture near them. Candace said that there were three mylar balloons but they flew away as soon as she opened her car door. Of course, I am sure that you can tell that it is Reed behind the mailbox.

Tamara, Britton, and Paityn were waiting on us to arrive home. Britton and Reed have missed each other so much.

Pop had fun chasing Nash around. Nash feels like he is in a toys-r-us I am sure with access to all of Reed's toys. So far, Reed hasn't shown any sudden interest in a toy that he hasn't touched in months when Nash picks it up. That's good.

Britton and Reed picked up with their favorite activity. Running. Nash tried to keep up but his legs don't move quite as fast yet.

It's so nice to be home!

He is so adorable. He has adjusted so well so far. I can't imagine what he is thinking.

He loved this car. In fact, he was quite unhappy having to come in after we were finished playing and needed to eat supper. Maybe he doesn't realize that we can go out again this morning.

Lola's arms probably look like a body-builder's arms from holding Will so much.

Leah and Candace brought us Zaxby's for supper. It was so good! I still haven't had any sweet tea, but I am hoping for some today!

Will is so sweet and cuddly.

Nash's first view of the inside of his house. He was still a little upset that he couldn't be in his car.

Sir Capri Sun (Uh, I mean Reed) was excited to get his hands on one of his beloved beverages.

Nash still didn't know what to think. I'm sure he was on stimulation overload.

Miss Candace got to hold Will. She said that he is more her speed. Cuddly, sweet, and able to be held for long periods of time.

Nash loves Sammy. I bet that Lola is going to have to buy him his own Sammy.

I think that Nash was excited to discover that the toys didn't end outside, but that he even had some in his bedroom.

When I asked Reed what he wanted to show Nash first, he said, "My train table."

Nash was really excited to see toys in the family room.

So, for the sleep report. The big boys went to bed at 10:00 and woke up at 4:30 with the "out of bed time" at 5:00 AM.

Abbey has been on Will duty mostly last night, so I'm not sure what his sleep was. I do know that when Nash wanted "mama" I went in there to take over Will duty and he was in his bed. That was a good sign.
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