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Monday, September 27, 2010

Church Clothes and Chasing Lola

Yesterday morning, we woke up early to be able to go through our normal Sunday morning church routine. We woke up at 6:30 and I hopped in the shower.

While Abbey showered, I gave Will a bath and got him ready for church. Saturday night, we laid out the boys clothes so that we wouldn't have to waste time picking their clothes out on Sunday morning.

I went and woke up Nash first and he was not ready to get ready yet, so I moved on to Reed who was all smiles. I got Reed dressed and by that time, Nash was ready.

We got the diaper bag ready and we were out the door around 8:00 AM. That's our target time, so that we can head to Hardee's for breakfast. Reed calls Hardee's "biscuit" so he was excited to tell Nash all about going to "biscuit."

Nash was pretty excited about biscuit. He liked to eat his biscuit just like Reed, in tiny bite with strawberry jelly.

We got to church around 8:25 and went to my Sunday School classroom to get ready for the kids to arrive.
Abbey took the boys down around 9:15 and unfortunately Reed's teacher was not at church yet. So, that meant that there was going to be a transition. The transition didn't go well, so Reed and Nash ended up coming back to our classroom and Abbey had to miss teaching her kids in Sunday School.

We left church after the singing portion of the service since the boys wouldn't go into extended care.

We got Chinese for lunch and Nash really liked the rice. Reed liked his usual, the egg roll, as well as, all of the sauces.

We let the boys play outside for a while and then we headed inside. After an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, we laid down for naps. Everyone got a nap so that was really good.

After naps, Reed, Nash, and I headed to Sonic. It was our first trip to Sonic since we have been home. Reed was excited to teach Nash about a slush. Nash thought the slush was great.

It was about this time that we discovered our small canon point-and-shoot was MIA! We have yet to find the little camera.

Lola arrived around the time we finished up our slushies. Reed wanted her to do one thing—Chase him! And she really chased him a lot.

Reed loved it.

Hopefully tomorrow we might find the little camera. The big one is so bulky. It does take better pictures, but we're on the move too much.
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