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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Chinese Worship Service

I snapped this picture on the way to the airport yesterday to fly to Taitung. I know that this picture is out of order, but we switched to using our nicer (i.e. BULKY) camera when we got the boys and this was on our other (i.e. pocket size) camera.

I am thrilled that they apparently don't have diet Coke here. The only option is Coke Zero, which is by far my favorite.

Here's a picture from our meal from McDonald's last night. You know that I'm not a daring eater, so today after church we ordered Pizza Hut. Tonight we'll have some authentic cuisine at the night market.

Deana and Luke, who founded the Morning Light Home for birthmoms, invited us to church today. Luke is the pastor of Taitung Bible Baptist Church. I might have Bible and Baptist inverted.

The first song we sang was "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". It was neat to sing in English as our Taiwanese brothers and sisters sang in their native tongue.

The hymnal we sang from was helped to be published by the Southern Baptist Convention. It is wonderful to be a part of a denomination that is part of sharing God's love all over the world.

Wasn't Will adorable in his little outfit?

Nash has dimples! What kid with dimples isn't the cutest thing in the world?

In case you haven't noticed, Nash and I have really bonded. He wants "baba" to do everything. A few minutes ago he gave each one of us kisses. He's a great boy!

We're thankful to have an amazing guide, Michelle. She calls our taxi and takes us everything and orders things for us. She makes sure that we are well cared for while we are here in Taitung. I'm thankful that she is here to help us.

Here's a video from church this morning. Please excuse my singing.

Taitung Bible Baptist Church from Jeff Land on Vimeo.

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