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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Is It Really Wednesday?

Nash is quite the ham when it comes to dancing and living it up. He is very much an energetic little guy.

The other morning at 6 AM he decided to show us some of his best moves while he ate some raisins.

Will was providing some extra cute smiles.

He laughs and plays and coos and giggles nearly the whole time he is awake.

He is an adorable little guy, just like his brothers.

Last night sleep was a challenge after I posted at 2:41 AM. Around 3:00 AM, Nash woke up and started crying LOUDLY! He woke Reed up who without a beat sat straight up in the bed and said "Is it time to get up Daddy?" Despite my response of "No!" he was fairly certain that it was time to get up.

Nash cried for quite a while, crying for Abbey, then Lola, and finally, I assume that he was crying for his nanny in Taiwan. Finally he quit crying, but not before Reed decided that he needed to go and sleep in Will's room.

... AND I use the term "sleep" loosely.

I think while he was sleeping, he got thirsty and had to go and get a Capri Sun, then he was hungry and got a "pooh" (yogurt ... long story). Then when he would conk out, Will would wake up. Then when Will would sleep, Reed was awake. And, when Reed is awake, he is not groggy, quiet, or still.

The boys have continued to have fun with each other, although today was a little bit stressful because we decided that we would not "force" naps today. We would see if the boys could handle not napping in hopes that it would increase their sleepiness at night.

Nash couldn't make it and much to his chagrin, I finally put him down around 4:00 for a quick nap. He resisted a little bit, but he ultimately took about an hour nap.

Enna and Poppy (my parents) arrived today and met the boys. We were so happy to see them. It was great to have Lola and Pop here to help us get used to parenting three boys, and last night was a challenge. We're thankful our parents are so willing to help us out.

Abbey put together Reed's exersaucer the other day and Will tried it out today. The boys thought it was a lot of fun to watch Will play. In fact, I think it was about as close as Reed has gotten to Will.

Even Will was surprised at how touchy feelie Reed was being towards him.

This morning and afternoon, we played trains, bubbles, bikes, and swings. Poppy even coached Reed on some of his soccer techniques. Tomorrow is the first soccer practice for Reed.

Will was having so much fun in his exersaucer that Nash thought he needed to try it out.

All three boys are asleep and so are my parents. Abbey and I actually get to watch a little TV tonight before we go to bed.
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