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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Letters to my boys

Dear Reed,

For nearly three years now our world's have revolved around you. You've been the center of everyone's attention. You've brought joy, laughter, and hope to so many. You are truly a blessing to us. We love you more than you could ever imagine.

Before we had you, we wondered what it must be like to have a child. We wondered if you would love us and if we would feel an instant connection. I must say, that the moment I laid my eyes on you, you were more my son than I could ever imagine. Your smile immediately warmed my heart. Your soft skin and sweet smell comforted me in a way that I've never known. Your little body filled an enormous gap in my life that I didn't really realize was there. You are my son. My first born son, and I love you dearly.

Everyday is a new adventure with you. You make me smile and you make me laugh. I would be lying if I didn't say sometimes you even make me frustrated. I am constantly amazed at how smart you are and I am in constant awe of God's plan. How in the world could anyone doubt our Father's love when they see the miracle of our family?

Your silly self is always making us laugh, and your sweet self is always making us thankful for the reminders of child-like love.

Reed, your life is changing this week. It's changing more than any of us of could imagine. We are bringing home two more boys, "the brothers" as you so affectionately call them. They'll be a part of our forever family. I'm worried about how you'll adjust. I know you'll do fine, but you're used to a lot more attention than you are going to be getting. We've got to share our time now with Nash and Will, but I hope that you never question how much you are loved. You are mine. I'm so excited that you are finally getting the brothers that God planned for you before you were ever born. We're going to be a big family, a family full of love.

Reed, never forget, I love, love, love you! Your my first born son. You mean more to me than I could ever imagine.

Love, daddy

My Dear Sweet Nash,

From the very moment that I heard about your story, I instantly knew that you were mine. I patiently listened to the social worker tell me about your life and I told her I would have to talk to your Mommy, but I knew that you were ours. I knew that God had planned for you to be a part of our family. The time has come for you to join our family and we couldn't be happier.

I'm sorry that your little life has already had quite a few transitions, but I hope that you can understand this. All of the changes, the ups and downs, the confusion you might feel, is ending. You have a mom and a dad. We are yours and you are ours. The next few days are going to be very full for you. You will meet a new brother and you will meet your Mommy and Daddy. You are going to ride on a great big plane in the air and you are not going to understand the words we are saying to you. Mostly, we're going to be saying "We love you!" You'll start sleeping a new bed and your little body will have to learn to go to sleep when you are normally awake and be awake when it wants to sleep.

I'm so ready to show the world your picture and tell them that you are ours! I want to tell the world that even know we didn't hear your first word or see your first step you are our son, our little boy and we love you so much.

We pray everyday that God will help your transition go smoothly, that we will learn how to talk with you quickly and that you will know as soon as you see us that we are Mommy and Daddy. You can count on us. We're going to be there for you. We're going to provide you with love, care, security, comfort. Everything you need. It's okay if you are sad when we leave your house now to come to your new house. It's even okay if you cry. Just know that we understand. We love you more than you know and there's nothing you can do to make us stop loving you. Our love for you is unconditional, just like God's. We'll tell you about Him all of your life.

My sweet Nash, I hope you are okay with us hugging you and kissing you a lot! We're a very affectionate family. We love you son, don't forget it, we love you.

love, Daddy

Dear Will,

What a sweet surprise it was to find out that Nash had a little brother just born. I couldn't believe that you were born on Mommy's birthday! That was so neat. I was born on my Mama's birthday to and we've always had a neat bond. How special that you will share your birthday with Mommy. I can't believe how cute you are and how much you've grown since those first pictures we got of you 4 months ago.

We would have come to pick you up that day, but we had to wait on the process. We know that your nannies have taken really good care of you, so even though we've worried about you, we've known that you were okay.

Will, you will soon be meeting the rest of your family. You'll ride on a plane and meet Lola, Reed, and Uncle Bill. You are named after Uncle Bill (maybe he'll pay for your college!). Then, you'll fly some more and meet the rest of your family and friends. Pop, Enna, and Poppy are all so excited about meeting you.

You'll have two great big brothers that will help take care of you and watch out for you. I have two brothers too! You'll love having brothers!

Will, we're coming. We can't wait to wake up with you when you cry and feed you your bottle. We love you little one.

Love, Daddy
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