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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Soccer Sorrows

Our camera was acting cooky yesterday when Nash and Will got to meet Enna and Poppy. Here are a few that I got that were good.

I think that Nash might be amazed that so many people love him right when they meet him.

We were at a Mexican restaurant when they arrived. I don't really like Mexican usually, but I've been craving it since we were in Taiwan.

Will was happy to meet Poppy and Enna too.

We found him some great new formula at Target to replace his Taiwanese formula. It helps reduce gas and we've not noticed him having any since we switched. His baby acne has even cleared almost completely.

Poppy likes cuddling with Will.

The boys' Aunt Myra and Uncle Dent sent the boys these wonderful stools. They bought one for Reed when he came home and so now all three boys have them. They are great.

The boys started playing with them first thing this morning.

They even got Will in on some of the action.

Today's sleep update is more positive than it has been thus far. Nash still woke up a couple of times, but he fell asleep quickly.

Reed slept basically the entire night with the exception of changing beds whenever one of the other boys started crying.

I think that Will is starting to learn his nights and days again. He didn't nap as much today, so I am hoping for a difference in his sleeping tonight and I know that Abbey is.

Will is totally going to be the object of his brothers' musings.

I think that the boys are really enjoying having all of the grandparent attention.

We had to go and buy some cleats for Reed's soccer and Nash some shoes today.

We went to get eat at Chick-fil-a and it was good.

Nash and Poppy decided to share an ice cream.

Reed decided that he wanted a bite of ice cream as well.

Will fell asleep in the sporting goods store.

Reed was really excited about getting some new cleats.

He looked adorable in his little soccer uniform.

But from the moment we arrived, I realized that things were going to be troubling. Reed is not good in crowds, especially in crowds of kids that he doesn't know.

He decided to hold hands with Britton and then it was time for Reed to kick the ball. I told Reed that he couldn't hold Britton's hand and kick the ball. That was the wrong thing to say.

He pretty much melted down right then.

We tried everything to get him to play soccer.


He's got a game on Saturday. Hopefully Poppy can give him enough pep-talks by then to get him primed and ready.
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