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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath

We hit up Macaroni Grill last night for supper and it was delicious. The menu was the same as in America, the bread and olive oil were there, and also the food was delicious. It was a great way to celebrate the number 5.

I asked Abbey if Will was at the age where he just ate, slept, and pooped, and she said "pretty much" except for the times he's awake cooing. He's really sweet. I like to hold him and kiss his cheeks.

Nash and Reed are more my speed though, with their CONSTANT, and that's not an understatement, CONSTANT movement. Reed and Nash have loved playing with one another. Nash has definitely learned a new word in English: run!

Lola's hotel room is on the other side of our floor. Reed says, "Nash let's run" and they both TAKE OFF!

It's hilarious.

Sleeping last night was interesting. Reed, of course, was more than willing to sleep in our bed. We had planned that Nash would also sleep in our bed. But, he decided that he wanted to sleep in the crib. That meant Will was going to sleep in our bed, even though Abbey had suggested that we put down the twin bed and let Abbey and Will sleep in it.

Well, Nash sleeps like a rock and Reed sleeps like a cloud, so when Reed heard Will blaring his battle cry to end world hunger, Reed sat straight up and asked for Lola. He doesn't like loud noises, so he wanted to get out of the room. Abbey fed Will and then Will was a bit agitated. This finally woke Nash up who then decided that he too, would sleep in our bed. That meant we were going to attempt an awesome feat 5 in one bed.

I quickly realized that 5 in one bed, regardless of the size of the person is too many! Abbey got Will happy and tried putting him in the baby bed. Wrong! Will got angry again and still wouldn't quiet, so I decided to let Abbey comfort Reed who was still asking for Lola and sit with Nash who was now using a bolster pillow as a spear running around the room. I took Will into the bathroom and when I finally got him settled. When I came out, I suggested that Abbey, Nash, and Reed go to Lola's room to sleep for the remainder of the night with the idea that we would reqroup our sleeping plan this morning.

Lola is having really bad allergies, so I really hated to bother her, but Reed was asking and I know that she does almost whatever he wants, so it was a win/win. Plus, it provided Nash and Reed and opportunity to bond with each other more and the opportunity to experience their favorite English word, "Run!" over to Lola's room.

I laid down with Will and we went to sleep after I prayed that God would please allow the boys to go back to sleep!

Last night Uncle Bill assisted me in giving the boys a bath. Reed loved having a bathmate and Nash, who apparently has never experienced such a large body of water was in LOVE!

All of the bathrooms here have drains in the floor which is a great idea. So, even though the boys were told they could splash towards the mirror only, the 50 gallons of water that ended up on the bathroom floor just slipped down the drain.

Both of the boys went to sleep well, which you already know turned out to be kind of an interesting night.

Aren't my sons adorable?

I bathed Will in the sink. Interesting ...

Well, Will is stirring, so I've got to grab the bottle and feed him.
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