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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to NashWill: Welcome to Nashville!

I feel like I've been fairly transparent with everyone this blog, so I guess you should know that getting off the plane this afternoon was not pretty.

Reed and Nash were both very asleep on the plane and waking them up didn't really set well.

I think that we set a record for the length of time that it took to get off the plane to the arrival area.

I'm glad that I was taking pictures because I feel like we were somewhat like walking mummies. We were all so exhausted.

Finally everyone woke up and the world could go on.

I think that Nash was a little (well, a lot) overwhelmed. The sites, the smells, the people, everything was different.

But, I must say that he was a total trooper the entire trip. To be honest, all three of the boys did better than I ever expected they would. There were certainly few bumps, but not nearly as many as their could have been.

At the first arrival area, Pop and my Aunt Jean were waiting on us. We were so happy to see familiar faces and they were happy to see our boys.

It takes a lot more people to keep a 1:1 ratio these days!

Pop was excited to meet Will and Nash.

Pop was also excited to see Lola.

We headed downstairs to baggage to see if anyone else had come.

We were happy to see quite a crowd of welcomers at the airport.

If I try to list them all I will forget someone, but it was a great crowd.

Everyone was so kind to show their support for our family.

Mei Mei and Natalie made signs that welcomed us. (So did Jane and Candace, but I just love kid-made signs.)

Will was taking it all in. Nash was a little shy at first, but he warmed up pretty quickly.

I think that Nash and Wesley are already friends.

Then it was time to hit the van. I was a little worried about how Nash would do with the car seat, but he ended up doing really well.

Wow! Our family really feels up a van!

We might need a suburban!

Will did well in his carseat as well.

The boys get along really well most of the time.

Abbey and some of the fantastic ladies who took care of things for us while we were gone! WE couldn't have done it without them.

And finally we were home. Check out the adorable sign that Aunt Ava had made for us. It is so cute. I think we'll leave it up for several days!

There's so much more to post, but we're beat! Have a great night!
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