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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reed Meets Caleb

After getting home late last night. Reed, Mommy, and I slept until 8:30 AM. We were still exhausted and since we had both made arrangements for someone to teach our Sunday School classes (Thanks Miss Candace!), we decided to miss church. Even though we got some good sleep time in last night, Reed still needed a nap this morning.

He woke up wired and ready to play. He had a great time crawling through his tunnel. We had not unloaded the van yet at this point, so he couldn't play with any of his other new toys. He enjoyed getting reacquainted with his old toys.

Reed can't seem to keep both socks on. He has trouble with it.

After Reed woke up from his afternoon nap, his hair was WILD!!!!

His wild hair is just an example of why we using gel in his hair to make it so "stylish!" Reed learned all of his hair styling tricks from his friend Kobi.

After lunch, Reed went down for a nap and we got the van unloaded and all of the Christmas toys and gifts put away. Then Reed was up and we played with his new toys in the bonus room.

Reed also wanted to play with my cell phone.

He was so cute. He would put the phone up next to his ear and say "bye."

After a while we got to go and see our new friend Caleb. Carah and Cate were cute as usual and it was great to see Danny and Michelle.

Abbey enjoyed getting to hold a little, bitty baby!

Reed tried on some snazzy sunglasses.

Reed likes to play like the big kids. It's so funny when he doesn't realize that other kids are bigger than he is. I guess he is mature for his age, right?

And now for some close-ups of cute little Caleb.

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