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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cooking With Mama

Mama has been busy cooking today because my publishing team from work is coming over for a planning session and then we are going to have a "Christmas feast!"

Reed felt like it was unfair for Mama to be the only one cooking so he got a pot and some spoons of his own.

"Mama, I'm a good helper, aren't I?"

"Reed, you stir with the other end."

Apparently the spoon tasted a lot better than whatever it was that Abbey was cooking. Yummy spoon!

"Mama, I think it's ready!"

"Mama, I need some more 'gredients."

"I can't reach the 'gredients I need, do you mind if I climb up the shelves?"

"Mama, where's the ciminun?"

We leave you tonight with a great, big, huge congratulations to my coworker Keith and his wife on the referral of their beautiful new baby girl from China, Sadie Wen! They waited 722 days and we are so happy for them! It reminds me of the excitement we had when we got our referral! Keep them in your prayers for a quick travel date!

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