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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas at Pop Rox and Lola's -- Take 4

First of all, let me apologize. Today was not one of our best picture taking days. It seems that although we had the camera with us, we weren't actually using it!

I know that all of you LandLife fans out there check the blog for one reason - to see if Bubber is still happy. Well, the answer to that can be seen in the picture above. Reed had a very happy, napless day! Even tonight as we ate supper and Bubby was only barely able to keep his head up, he just laughed and laughed. What a happy baby, indeed!

"No, Lola, I wasn't touching the present, pwomise!"

Doesn't it look like he had just gotten caught in this photo? It's funny!

Notice Reed's use of his index finger. He loves pointing. I am sure eventually his mom is going to have to tell him not to point because that is rude, but for now, he is just a pointing. I like to think that he is trying to just make a point, "and another thing is ..."

"Daddy, this paper sure is green and crinkly, isn't it?"

Notice Reed's interest in this bow. Don't let that fool you, he is still completely uninterested in unwrapping presents. We'll see what he does with his gifts from Santa.

Reed has learned to kiss his bear on the musical block. It's really sweet and cute.

Reed thinks that this is the cutest Christmas present that he has ever seen. Man, that's a cute baby.

This afternoon, Lola, Mommy and I went to Target to buy a few little last minute items. You know that we never need an excuse to head to Target. Reed and Pop Rox got to spend the afternoon together. We were sure that both Pop Rox and Reed would enjoy a nice nap, but apparently, that was not the case.

Reed loves his Lola!
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