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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Thinking of Someone Who's Precious

Today, we were blessed at Landlife to have my team over for a planning meeting and lunch. My dear, beautiful wife served up a scrumptious meal of baked brie with raspberry sauce as an appetizer, wild rice stuffed pork loin with phyllo wrapped artichokes, sweet carrots, and stuffed potatoes for the entree, and cranberry orange upside-down cake for dessert. It was a beautiful presentation.

Reed loves Mrs. Trudy. Mrs. Trudy loves Reed. Can you tell?

Here is the best team ever!

From left to right.

Jessica - The most incredible graphic designer in all of the world! She has the most creative ideas and produces the most awesome pieces each quarter. I am always amazed at what she does. She is such a wonderful part of our team.

Trudy - She is the (middle) editor for our curriculum. She coordinates our teaching pictures and cross references everything to make sure that when we say something is somewhere, it really is there! She also picks up extra editing duties to help us stay on schedule! She keeps everyone in line.

Reed - Well, of course, the cutest kid in the world!

Me - I'm the editor-in-chief, so I have the privilege of coordinating writers, the curriculum plans, and the rest of my team. It is a really fun job, especially because my team is so great!

Andrea - The best copy editor ever. The other day I was editing something that she had read and found that she had caught something that usually only I catch because of my quirkiness. I was so proud!

Needless to say, I feel very blessed to have such an amazing team!

Reed gave Mrs. Andrea a high-five!

Tonight as we were leaving church, we saw a lady who works in the nursery pretty often. She said that her daughter was sitting at the table and said "I'm thinking of someone at church who is precious." Her mom said, "I don't know who you are thinking of, who is it?" She said, "Reed!" We agree Mary Katherine!
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