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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas with Uncle Bill

Tonight we had dinner with Uncle Bill to celebrate Christmas with him. Since we will be going to our family's houses and he will be going to his family's house for Christmas, tonight was the best time to get together. We went to Famous Dave's and it was delicious.

While we were at the restaurant Reed discovered a fruit wedge laying on the table. It was, of course, a lemon!

After examining the wedge for a few seconds he decided to do what he does with any foreign object, put it in his mouth.

I think that he thought it was REALLY sour! So, what did he do then?

He checked it out a little more, and then ...

Yep, baby boy, it is still sour the second time you try it.

Uncle Bill and Reed had a good time playing with their straws. I am not so sure Reed should be encouraged to play with straws, Uncle Bill. Shame, shame!

Then, we went to Cold Stone (in the freezing weather, no less). It was yummy. Once again, Uncle Bill encouraged Reed to "play" with his food. This time it was sticky and cold!

But Reed thought his first taste of ice cream was yummy!

We went over to Uncle Bill's for a few minutes afterwards and Reed got a really cool toy for Christmas. Mommy has been wanting this toy for a long time (and for herself! She loves playing with it in the nursery!).
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