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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bathtime Routine

Before I get to the point of this post (yes, I think I am actually headed for a post with a point!), I thought I would share a cute pictures of Reed from today. He wore his sweater that Mrs. Holly and Ms. Jennifer bought for him at a yard sale before he was even home. It is really cute! I wish I had one like it! Reed also wore his cute little New Balance's for the first time today. For those of you who know Abbey and I well enough to see us dressing casually, you know that we LOVE our NBs!

Okay, now for the point of the post.

Daddy - "Hey, Reed, you ready for a bath?"

Reed - "Bah, Bah, Bah."

Daddy - "Okay, let's go run the water."

Reed - "Bah!"

Daddy - "We have to go take your clothes off."

Reed - "Bah, Bah."

Daddy - "Reed, you've got to quit squirming."

Reed (squirming almost uncontrollably and getting away and headed for the bathroom several times) - "Dadadadada."

Reed (now crying) - "Dada, bah, bah."

Daddy - "Reed, please let me get your clothes off and you can go to the bathroom."

Note: The following pictures are edited for a G-rating.

Reed (dashing madly towards the bathroom in nothing but his birthday suit!) - "Bah, bah, bah!"

Daddy - "GO, Reed, go!"

Reed (squealing) - "Bah, Bah, Bah!!!!"

Reed (relieved and with a sense of accomplishment) - "Bah!"

Daddy - "I'll be there in a minute, you're too quick for me Bubber."

Reed (waiting patiently to get into the tub) - "Dada dada dada."

Reed - (uncontrollable squealing)

Daddy - "Well, the water must be right for you!"

Reed (still amazed that water comes out of the fireduck) - "Bah."

Daddy - "Reed, sit down."

Reed (thankful that the fireduck's hat lifts up) - "dada."

Daddy - "Reed, sit down, now!"

After about 50 more "sit downs," it is time for Reed to actually get bathed. Bathtime is one of his daily highlights. Drying off is not his favorite part of the evening.

As you can read, Reed has a little trouble listening to Daddy when it comes to things he is not supposed to do. Like tonight, for instance, when Reed headed right to the stairs and, I, in the most stern voice I have said, "Reed, NO!" Reed responded with the most genuine and heartfelt belly-laugh that said, "Yeah, right!"

We went to apply for Reed's SSN today. We have his new birth certificate with his name on it, but guess what? That's not good enough. We came home and began searching for the paperwork we need. We have found EVERY single document except the two that we must have. Pray that we will find them soon!
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