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Friday, December 14, 2007

Reed Visits Santa

Okay, so the big day finally came! Reed visited Santa today. You know how everyone has that picture of baby screaming and crying on their first visit to Santa and then the next year he will be all happy?

Yeah, well, not us. Reed was mesmerized by Santa, which was not really a surprise for us. Reed has yet to meet a stranger that he didn't want to befriend. He's pretty much into anyone with facial hair so that only made the visit more enticing.

Now, I have a little beef about this visit to Santa. Is it just me, or is this a total racket! Santa is racking up tons of money on this cornering every nook and cranny of a mall or anywhere else where Santa might be appropriate and then he is sticking it to you with the price of the pictures!

I mean, I didn't realize that we would need to refinance our house to buy a picture with Santa. For those of you unexperienced in this area as of yet who are thinking, "well, why didn't you just take the picture?" NO! They don't allow it! You have to buy a package or you can buy the CD for a little less than the package with the CD in it! Since we are so NOT good at printing out pictures, I guess buying a package wasn't so bad, except for the price! If school pictures are this much, Reed better get ready to have some pictures made by his daddy. That, or either he better plan on being a grader for his first grade teacher. Do they have those in elementary school? Just kidding!

Anyway, tons to report, but I don't feel like uploading! Coming tomorrow: "Reed's First Basketball Game".
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