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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Press is Found!

This is our cute little baby in his cute little outfit! Word on the street is that Pop Rox picked this outfit out for him.

Apparently Reed was digging in his toybox yesterday for Press, his monkey. We used to call Press the "devil monkey" because his cheeks light up red when you press him. We call him Press because his stomach says "press" on it.

"Yeah! Press is found!"

"Daddy, did you miss Press?"

The last person who owned our home installed a door between the guest room and the bonus room. He didn't finish out the step though. Reed loves this step even though it isn't finished.

This is Reed tonight at church with one of his Sunday School teachers. He loves church! We're glad, because he will be going there a lot during his life.

Reed was having fun with Mrs. Grace tonight at church. We had a concert in the Fellowship Hall so Reed got to stay in there with us.

He especially loved the song where he got to shake Daddy's keys! "Jingle Bells!"

My two most favoritest people.

... And for your viewing enjoyment. A quick video from yesterday.

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