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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

We had a great New Year's Eve Celebration at Britton's house. Reed was excited that he got to spend his first New Year's Eve with this best friend.

First off, yesterday morning Reed was trying to show off what a big boy he was, so he grabbed hold to the back of his new "John Deere" and started walking. See the video for a short clip.

"imagine a really cute video that won't load here."

Reed also needed to spend some time working with his puzzle, so he decided to play with this cute puzzle that his Uncle Dent, Aunt Myra, and cousins Laura and Matthew sent him. It is so cute. Hopefully you can read it in the picture, but it says, "Jesus Loves Reed." Right now, Reed thinks that it tastes delicious but I am sure one day he will understand the importance of the message.

Yesterday morning, Reed and I took a long nap. We then all went to Wal-Mart to buy a few groceries and then headed home where Abbey cleaned the kitchen and I worked on cleaning the garage. Abbey is ready to park in the garage, but the side that I cleaned out is not long enough for her van. I am going to have move the stuff to the other side of the garage where Abbey can get her van in. (Thus, the drawback to the extended van.)

Finally, after two more naps (Reed's grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles wore him out!), it was time to go to Britton's.

Britton got some great new toys for Christmas and Reed was MORE than willing to help him try them out. Reed and Britton played VERY well together.

Reed had to make sure that he touched Britton's mouth. Anyone who meets Reed gets their mouth touched by him. You can tell that Britton is teething, because you can see the string of slobber running from Britton's mouth to Reed's finger.

I was sitting on the sofa and saw a pair of nail clippers. I have been asking Reed's mommy to clip Reed's nails for a while because they were long enough for a mani and pedi. So, in the spirit of Carpe Diem, I grabbed the clippers and proceeded to trim his nails. Everyone got a real kick out of watching me trim Sir Can't Sit Still's nails.

After the kiddos were tucked in bed, the adults played some games. Pit was first, but it was too loud and Reed kept waking up. The last round was RIGGED by my darling wife, Matt, and Tamara not in my favor! It was pretty funny! Brandon was crying he was laughing so hard.

Then we played a new game "Would You Rather?" It was really neat. There were challenge questions and you sometimes had to "do" one of the challenges. The picture below is me slow dancing with a dust mop.

My next "do" challenge was to "shake my tail" to some music.

Brandon provided the music for my "shaking".

At ten minutes until midnight, Reed woke up and wanted to celebrate the entrance of the New Year.

He was very interested in our "Sparkling Grape Juice" (Yes, we kept it completely Baptist).

We had a great New Year celebration. We are so thankful for our wonderful friends!

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