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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas at Poppy and Enna's -- Take 3

We got a late start to the day this morning. Well, we actually had a pretty early start, when Reed decided to wake up at 5:30 AM. Because we are not at our own house, we didn't think that it would be okay to let him cry until he fell asleep, so I got up with him. I had heard my dad stirring around, so I told Abbey that I was going to bring him into the den to see if he would take him and I would go back to bed.

Daddy (Poppy) didn't understand at first so it was a little while before he took him.

Reed ended up being pretty sleepy around 8:00, so he took a nap. I laid down with him and finally at 10:40, we woke up!

After that, we headed to have lunch with Aunt Ava again!

We went to eat at "Old Venice" which is one of our favorite Mississippi restaurants. It was wonderful!

Reed loves when he gets to see Aunt Ava. Aunt Ava LOVES when she gets to see Reed.

We got to go to Aunt Ava's job today and meet all of her coworkers. Reed had a great time! he thought that it was a blast and he was amazed that they had STRAWS! He just loves straws!

After we left we went to look at some Christmas ornaments at a garden store we like to shop at. We're just not into the after-Christmas stuff this year. My how priorities change when you have a baby.

Then, we headed to our friends', Emily, Frank, and Caden (and Grayson coming soon!), house for a visit. Reed was totally impressed by Caden's toy collection which rivals the collections found at Toys R US! That kid has some toys.

Caden talked NONSTOP and Reed played with his toys. Reed and Caden didn't really interact, until Reed discovered a book that he also owns and he thought that Caden had stolen it. Reed doesn't understand the publishing world just yet.

And finally ...

We are happy to report that Uncle Trae got out of the hospital. He and Enna are now home! Woo hoo! Trae is doing well, but his wound is GROSS! Reed was thrilled to see his Enna. He even gave her a kiss. We can't get him to kiss anything but stuffed animals, and then all of a sudden he kissed Enna, but wouldn't repeat it!

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