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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas at Poppy and Enna's -- Take 5

The time finally came or us to go home. Although we absolutely loved spending lots of time with our family, we were all three ready to sleep in our very own beds! We left Poppy and Enna's yesterday before Enna had gotten ready, so she wouldn't let me take many pictures of her.

Before Reed left, he had to give Uncle Trae a goodbye kiss. He really hopes that Uncle Trae is feeling better soon!

We stopped to visit Reed's only great-grandfather on the way home. Papa loves Reed. Reed loves Papa and he really loves Prissy, Papa's dog. Prissy was my Mimi's dog before she died, and she is Papa's best friend now.

Reed absolutely loves dogs. Now, since we have had Reed, I have been amazed at how much he is like me. Sometimes I have wondered what we didn't have in common, other than say, I'm potty-trained. I think that we have found the difference. I am just not a pet person and even when I do see a dog or pet that I like, I don't like to touch them and I REALLY don't like it when they touch me!

We took Papa to eat at a local restaurant and Uncle Mitch, Aunt Betty, Timothy, and Lamar came to see us. Aunt Betty LOVES Reedo!

I can't believe that Timothy is so old! It seems like yesterday he was the same size as Reed.

Lamar thought that Reed was a pretty funny little guy.
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