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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas at Pop Rox and Lola's -- Take 3

Christmas at Pop Rox and Lola's has been fun. Reed is getting to spend some good quality time with his Aunt Ava, Uncle Brookie, Pop Rox, and Lola. I know that Christmas at Poppy and Enna's is going to be fun and exciting for Reed to. That's coming on Tuesday.

Uncle Brookie pushed Reed around in is car this morning.

Then, Reed and UB played with his musical block.

Reed practiced standing on his own for a little while until he realized that he was standing up by himself and then he fell.

Reed got to meet his GREAT-Granny today. We went to see her after church. It was so great to get to see her so happy to meet her great-grandson.

Reed was a little bit tentative because he has never been around anyone elderly. After a few minutes, he warmed up to Granny though. We all shared a laugh when Granny asked, "So, who do you think he looks like?"

Reed's great uncle Edward and soon-to-be cousin AJ had a good time playing with Reedo. AJ was completely impressed by Reed.

"Square! I LOVE SQUARES! They are my favorite!"

"How much family do I have?"

4 Generations

Here's one from when we got our referral when Granny met Reed's picture.

"I love my Great-Granny."

When it was almost time to go home, it was time for Reed to spend a little time with Pop Rox.
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