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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Becoming a Party of 4

Tonight, we submitted our application to Journeys of the Heart for the adoption of our daughter and Reed's little sister. She will also be from Taiwan and the same program that we used last time. It was neat to be able to all push the submit button together.

The wait will likely be longer than when we got Reed, which is good, because we are still praying about how to pay for this one! But, we know GOD WILL PROVIDE!

So, in about a year or 1.5 years from now be looking for Reed to start carrying around a little "Flat Ava" as he journeys through life.

How to Pray for us:

1. Continue to pray that we will raise Reed in the way that God leads us.
2. Pray that God will show us how to finance the adoption of Ava.
3. Pray for Ava's birthmom who is probably not even pregnant right now. Pray for her health and for her to know about program III in Taiwan so that she can have peace about placing her baby for adoption. Pray that she will know that Ava will be raised in a loving family.
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