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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Day in Review

Reed had a check-up today at the doctor in Nashvegas, so he and Mommy had to be very focused.

Unfortunately, Mommy didn't wake up when Daddy left even though I woke her up, and then she didn't wake up when the alarm went off either! That meant they had to be REALLY, REALLY focused.

They made it though and boy was Reed glad.

In the examining room, there is a car for him to drive! Vroom! Vroom! Reed had a good time playing with the car.

Since they were so close to Daddy's job, they came for a visit and stayed for lunch. It is always a special treat when Reed comes to visit on my floor. The only problem is that I don't really get to hold him much. He's always being held by my coworkers.

We went to eat at Demo's and it was yummy! It was a great treat to have Mommy and Reed around for lunch.

Tonight we had a choir Christmas party at Mr. Matt and Mrs. Grace's. It was really nice. Reed had a good time and he got his Christmas gift from Aunt Bitsy. She gave him some cute little red converses. They are a little big, but he is going to be one styling dude!
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