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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at Poppy and Enna's -- Take 2

Reed got to visit Poppy the funeral home where he works today.

Remember this picture from Flat Reed's visit?

Check out the real Reed.

Reed got to meet all of Poppy's coworkers who have been watching him on the blog.

Reed's shoes will absolutely not stay on his feet. Part of this is because Reed will not keep them on and partly because for some reason they fall off even when he is not desperately trying to kick them off.

Reed was happy to applaud everyone at the funeral home for doing such a good job.

Since we we were in Jackson, we got to see Mrs. Melanie, Lola's best friend! She's also an AVID LandLife reader.

Reed thought Mrs. Melanie was pretty cool, but he really thought her nametag was EXCELLENT!

Then we went and picked up Aunt Ava and went for lunch at Newks. Aunt Ava was happy to get to see Reed.

Next, we went to visit Reed's Great Aunt Sib. She was SO EXCITED to see Reed and Reed thought her stash of toys was PRETTY awesome!

"Wow! Aunt Sib, you have a lot of toys!"

Reed also got to visit the Ridgway's today! He was so excited to see our dear friends William, Faith, and their boys. Faith was thrilled to finally get to meet Reed. They have been great friends of ours since we were first married.

Reed enjoyed getting to meet our friends and was especially thrilled that they had a dog! He chased their dog, also named Abbie, around their living room. When we first met the Ridgways, Daniel (the oldest son) was only 2 years old and Austin wasn't even born! I've come a long way since those days, because I used to not be able to handle spit-up or stinky diapers!

Good news! Trae is supposed to be released from the hospital tomorrow. That means Reed will finally get to see Enna and Uncle Trae again!!!
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