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Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas at Pop Rox and Lola's -- Take 1

Today, after work, we headed towards Pop Rox and Lola's to start the Christmas celebration of the century. Everyone was ready for us ... uh, I mean Reed to get here. Aunt Ava was the first to meet us, but unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of her today, so tonight is going to be strictly Reed's Pop Rox and Lola.

Lola got off work a little bit after we got here, so we decided that we would meet her at Pei Wei. Reed, of course, got to sit between his Lola and Pop Rox. They were happy to have him next to them. They kept his supply of rice and noodles coming and Reed was delighted.

"Lola, this sure is some good rice, isn't it?"

"Lola, will you take me out of this chair, pwease?"

Pop Rox kept Reed's thirst to a minimum by sharing his water. That was nice of Pop Rox.

Next Pop Rox, Lola, Reed, and I came home while Mommy and Aunt Ava went to work on a special project.

Reed and his grandparents played on this floor in his toy box. He always loves coming to see them because they always have new toys in his toy box.

Tonight, his favorite was the ball. It's the perfect size ball for him.

The next Yao Ming.

Who is more excited about what is in this box, Lola or Reed?

Reed and Pop Rox played with this old push car toy that Reed's Mommy used to play with when she was a little girl.

Reed was also interested in another "old" toy that mommy played with.

Cute little feet.

Our baby boy is growing up really quickly!

Pop Rox and Lola gave Reed his bath. Sorry, this is the only G-rated photo.

Lola gave Reed his bottle and put him in his bed. She didn't follow the rules though!

Rule: Give him his bottle, hold him for a few minutes and put him in bed, EVEN if he cries.

Lola's response to the rule: "Yeah right!"
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