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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Playtime with Uncle Bill

Reed's Saturday was pretty exciting. It started with him completely avoiding a N-A-P, a trick that he has gotten pretty comfortable with.

Reed's idea of a nap is falling a asleep and waking up. That is the complete nap experience. There is no time limit, so if you are rocking him, he falls asleep, but wakes up on the way to the bed, naptime is over. Sometimes, he will take really long naps, and for those, we are thankful.

Uncle Bill came over to play this afternoon. He helped Daddy move the file cabinet upstairs and then he went outside to help Daddy work on the Christmas lights. It seems that I, Clark Griswold's apprentice, overloaded one of the first strands of lights which caused them to blow a fuse. Uncle Bill helped me get it figured out, while Reed supervised.

Later, while Mommy swept out the garage, Uncle Bill pushed Reed around the garage in his stroller.

After Reed starting getting cool, we decided it was time to get ready to go have supper. Whenever Uncle Bill comes to visit, he always wants to eat at the Catfish House, so we got ready to leave. While we were getting things ready for Reed's bag, Uncle Bill treated Reed to a whistling concert. Reed thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

When we came home, Reed wanted to take the toys out of his toybox. That's the best thing in the world for Reed. He loves to unpack that box, no need for the toys to be fun or anything, just as long as he can take them out!

"I think that I will put them in the middle of the floor if that will be alright."

"Why don't you want me to take them out?"

Look at Reed standing on his tiptoe!

Notice that Reed is standing in this picture. His feet firmly planted and his hands in the air. I don't think that he realized he wasn't touching the box.

Before Uncle Bill went home, he pretended to be a dog. This made Reed laugh a whole lot!

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