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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Basketball and Christmas

First of all, let this be a warning to you! When you take our camera, we can do funny things to your face!

Miss Mandy, who works with Mommy sometimes when she works at the Catfish House, took the camera and made some pictures the other night. I decided to do a little "work" on the picture.

Last night was Reed's first basketball game. HE LOVED IT! He had a great time. He was extremely happy to see Hannah! He loved clapping, in fact, he clapped almost the whole time!

GG was also at the game and she enjoyed getting to hold Reed. Reed was quite impressed by the cheerleaders.

Ashlyn was also able to get in a little Reedo time!

But, of course, he was most excited to see his girlfriend Raleigh.

Reed got to meet GG's fiance', Barry, at the ballgame too! Reed was quite impressed with Barry so he gave GG his blessing.

After the game, we drove through our local park. They have something every year where they decorate the whole park with thousands of lights. They have a beautiful Nativity scene outside just over the lake. Now, I know that there was probably not a lake in Bethlehem, but the scene is just pretty reflecting off the water.

They also have one of those really bright lights that you see spinning around in the sky often when there is some sort of special venue or something. It is representative of the North Star. It is really neat!

This morning, Reed and I went to shop for Mommy's Christmas presents. We had a great morning together and I think that Mommy got a good bit done here. After we came home, we took a few pictures of Reed (I am sure that surprises everyone!).

Much to Daddy's delight, Reed was especially attached to me today. Every time I left the room, he would cry. It was sweet. Mommy didn't think it was so great!

The next series of pictures are what happens when Reed plays with his toys and decides he needs one at the bottom of the box.

In case you couldn't tell, he falls in!
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