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Monday, December 10, 2007

Houston, We have a SSN

Reed and Mommy set out on a little adventure early this morning. They decided that they would head toward the Social Security office to apply for Reed's SSN. Well, this was the third time that a member of the Landlife clan has headed to the Social Security office to apply for Reed's SSN.

The first time we went with some documents from Taiwan and Reed's Tennessee birth certificate. I really thought that a birth certificate from a state in the great United States of America would be sufficient to prove Reed's citizenship and that he did, in fact, belong to us. The lady on the other side of the what I assume to be bullet-proof glass window did not see things my way. She said that she had to have the "adoption decree."

So, we came home and gathered together a few more documents including the adoption decree as issued by the state of Tennessee recognizing that Reed was legally ours. Our lawyer told me this would be what I would need as she has done this kind of thing many times.

I went back to the SS office the next day and was met by another woman behind the bullet-proof glass. She was happy to help me, happy, that is until she asked me for the Certificate of Citizenship. I told her that it was at home, because the last lady said she needed the adoption decree. She insisted that she would not be able to get anywhere in the computer without the certificate of citizenship.

Being the somewhat rule-follower that I am, I promptly brought out my list of requirements found on the Social Security Web site for documents needed to obtain a SSN for a foreign born adopted child which listed the birth certificate as a means of showing citizenship. She insisted that she did, in fact, know what she was doing and said that was in addition to the certificate of citizenship. I continued to argue my point until I realized that I was going to get nowhere with this woman, I mean, for pete's sake, she was behind bullet-proof glass.

Being as I was pretty sure that my picture was posted at every cubicle upon my departure from the office, Abbey decided to return today. Unfortunately, today must have also been "apply for disability" day as when she arrived she was number 8. Not bad, until you realize that that numbers start over at 100 and they were on 74. She left and ran some errands and came back. They were at 86. So, in one hour, they made it 10 numbers.

She and Reed had lunch at Chick-fil-a with his best friend Britton and Britton's mommy. After an hour or so Abbey returned to find that they were on number 10! Ouch! She missed her number. She headed to Nana Sprinkles, vowing, I will succeed. She decided to wait until closer to closing, when surely, the line would be shorter.

I stopped to pick Reed up as mommy had not planned on being gone ALL day and he was in need of a refreshing bottle of "Sam's Choice" formula. Mommy waited. At 5 minutes before the office closed, Abbey was number 71 and they were on 54. So much for them trying to get out of the office for the day, right?

Reed and I came home and mommy called around 4:30 to let me know that finally, after three tries, Reed had been approved to receive his very own SSN! Woohoo! Now, we do the "write-off" dance!!!! Can I tell you, Landlife is looking forward to the adoption tax-credit!

In other news, Reed experienced Mac-n-Cheese tonight for the first time and I think he is in love.

Can you believe Reed has been with us 3 months today? Here's a video of his cuteness followed by my monthly letter.

Little Man,

Is it possible to love you anymore? Tonight as we sat, mesmerized by your uncanny ability to make eating mac-n-cheese with your fingers look like it deserved a Nobel prize, I had to comment to your mommy, "I love him so much." Mommy agreed. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Each morning, Mommy anxiously awaits your beautiful smile which will promptly explode onto your face upon first sighting her. As I hurry out of the office each afternoon, visions of your cute little laugh are running through my head. I pray that there isn't traffic at my exit and hate when I look down to see my "low fuel" light on as that will be a few more minutes away from you.

It's not just our lives you've blessed, it's your grandparents who call to hear your voice, your Aunt Ava who has become quite happy that AT&T has free mobile to mobile so that she can hear your voice at least three times a day. Your aunts and uncles who faithfully log in to read what their favorite nephew has been up-to. It's cousins, church friends, and coworkers, all mesmerized by this little miracle that God has placed in their lives. It's people we've never met and quite possibly will never meet but make up the over 30,000 hits to this blog since you've been home.

Reed, your presence in our lives is an ever present reminder that God is real and He loves us. He gave us more than we could ever ask or imagine when He gave us you. We gladly share you with those around because your life is destined to be great. You are indeed special, and I have no doubt that you will minister to those around you all of your life.

Thank you for calling me "dada". I proudly, humbly, and gratefully call you son.

love, dada
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