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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gone to the Dogs

Reed was playing today at his favorite toy, the black cabinet that the TV sits on, when something fell out. His favorite part about the toy is the fact that the doors open and close. When he opened the door though and the thing fell out, it was the dominoes. Reed had fun playing with them. They were all polka-dotted and that got his attention.

While I am on dominoes, it's been a while since Abbey and I have played. Anybody out there up for a game of Mexican Train?

Reed enjoyed stacking them on the book. I have noticed over the past few days that Reed has really been improving on his fine motor skills. He's not accidentally throwing things anymore. This afternoon he was sitting in his carseat and was reading a book. He didn't throw it, but kept thumbing through the pages.

Reed's great uncle Dent and great aunt Myra sent him a Christmas gift the other day. We haven't opened the gift, but this large stuffed elephant was one of the gifts. It's from IKEA. Abbey has still not had the pleasure of visiting an IKEA, but I am sure that she wants to now after seeing this incredibly CUTE elephant!

Look at those sleepy eyes. Reed has decided that he is not into taking his afternoon nap no matter how sleepy he is.

He was so sleepy this afternoon while he was playing that he kept stopping to lay his head down.

Finally, the purpose of the title. Landlife has many human dedicated readers, but one of our bloggy friends, Megan and her parents have a dog Rufus that seems to be into Reedo!

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