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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at Pop Rox and Lola's -- Take 5

Yeah, Santa Claus came to see Reed last night!

Reed was excited to see all of his presents. Did that excitement mean that he might actually unwrap one?

Not so much. He went for the unwrapped presents. Growing up, we never had wrapped Santa, but Abbey always did. I am thinking that Abbey could have saved the wrapping paper this year.

"Yes! A drum!"

Unlike Lola and Pop Rox, we got Reed mostly items that did NOT require batteries. Reed liked playing with his new manipulative.

I got to unwrap all of Reed's gifts.

Reed got some great new puzzles.

This is his FAVORITE gift by far. A driving car that talks, and talks, and talks!

And a stocking full of fruit puffs! yum!

Multi-tasking, chewing a drumstick in one hand and driving with the other. Reed, you're supposed to hold onto the steering will with both hands.

Vroom! Vroom!

"That Santa Claus guy sure is smart! How did he know that I LOVE fruit puffs?"

Reed was very excited to had his first Christmas breakfast!
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