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Thursday, December 13, 2007

It was an Accidentally ...

Mommy accidentally went off to work tonight without leaving daddy the camera, so there are not going to be any new pictures tonight. I thought that it was important to point out that this was an accident that mommy forgot to leave the camera in order to set up the next story. I also thought it was really amazing to see how much Reed has grown up in 3 months!

Another something accidentally happened tonight. When I got home from work, mommy was headed out to work. Reed was asleep in his baby bed. I went upstairs to check on him and well, he accidentally got into my arms and finished his nap on my chest in the twin bed in his room. I cannot take any blame for this, it was a complete "accident!" He ended up sleeping another hour! I KNOW that there are some people who disagree with me "accidentally" letting Reed take a nap with me, but just understand he is my little boy and I love getting to spend any time that I can with him! He's so sweet.

Even though he took a long nap, he was zonked by 6:40 and we headed to the bath for his favorite time of night. He was asleep in bed by 7:20. He takes a LONG bath!

Now, for a special video bonus: Here is a clip from yesterday or Reed laughing at Mrs. Trudy.

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